a bunch of older men were looking at me while I was shopping....well I didn't care because they were too old for guy deliberately rubbed up against my butt.. a few weeks ago i was out with the girls and this one guy kept humping nikki while we were dancing... the there was a slow dance and nikki hid so i got stuck dancing with him and of course he was rubbing me while we danced. it was exciting in an odd way..Can you imagine? i do the craziest things...

On the average when i stay out with my girls, without clubbin, i leave after 8 when the little ones are in bed and its ok with hubby if i arrive home around the midnight time slot. When clubbin, it's either around 1:30 - 2Am, or past 3Am, once in awhile 3:30Am or so. That's not really good for a young mom to keep all the time, i suppose, like twice weekly or something. i think maybe in future i know that i don't want my kids to keep things this way too. i want them to be God-fearing, respectable kids who know how to have fun within the limits and not go over the tops, if that's how you could term it.

have you ever felt so confused that you didnt know what to do so much that you had to leave it alone. well, anyways im just thinking out loud.. skoozme.. I love you David, and if you're reading this thank you for the love that you show me. i know that i never thank you for what you do, or for who you are, but i want to thank you now.

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