1st Day of November

Okay, so it's November. November. It's November. I like November. Thanksgiving comes in November. The weather begins to get progressively colder in November. When I think of November, I get a "warm chill". Now it really is November! I'm goins to my friend Julie's place tonight for dinner. She and Andy recently bought a house and we are going out there, checking the joint out, meeting the new kittens...Milo and Nluffie. That's right, NLUFFIE! Yesterday was the first halloween that I didn't go trick or treating with D. That was sad... this morning I called him on the phone and explained that I was really sad because I had been trickertreating with him every year since he was born, (until now) and he said "I love you"...out of nowhere. Precious moment! Very cute. Thanks friends for checking out the never-changing blog so regularly.

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