Did you miss me?

Today at the gym as the sweat dripped down into my eyes everything i have been thinking about the last couple of days kind of all came together. What was i thinking about you might ask?

Well ever since I met Maria a few months ago every time i am around her i feel like i should be so much better then i am. Like i have not even started to tap the potential that lives inside me. Also some of my frenz told me sometimes they feel like they could be doing so much more ..... It got me thinking.... we are all kind of trapped in boxes made by our own fears and laziness. Some people break out of the box and run towards everything that they want in life while others stay lost behind. Afraid to push down a wall. Maybe they tried but came up short only to fall back into the box more tired and alone then they were before. All these people need is a little help from the rest of us who have already made it out..... In the way of getting them motivated ...... i wonder if i have ever had any impact on someone. If i have inspired someone to change in a positive way. Because there have been so many people who have impacted my life and i should like to repay the favour..... So just remember this - chase your dreams no matter what they are and never laugh at somebody else's .....

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