Full House - The Philippine Remake

I used to religiously watch the koreanovela Full House when I was still in the Philippines. I remember that the only times I missed watching the show were during brownouts so I was really excited to learn that GMA7 will be coming up with a Pinoy version of the show.

Last November 30, the pilot episode of the Philippine version of Full House was aired on GMA7. Richard Gutierrez played the role of Justin while Heart Evengelista revived the role of Jessie. Since I cannot watch the show live on TV, I began scouring the web for a possible upload of the show and luckily I found some in You Tube. Yes!!!

It's been two weeks now since the first episode aired on TV and I can't wait to watch the 11th episode on Monday. The remake is as interesting as the original one and the show's directors and scriptwriters should be really lauded because they are doing a great job.

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