It's not really a club, but at that time, my friends and I thought it's better sounding that way if we add the word "Club". I'm talking about the combination of the first letters of our names resulting to: D' KJ LAYAS. We coined that term for our barkada two decades ago during our elementary school days and look, it still helps me remember their names even though we haven't seen each other for years.

D - Dinalyn. We lost in touch after high school and I recently found her through NamesDataBase. She's one of my bestfriends.

K - Kathy. We went to same high school and college but haven't been in touch lately. We have the same birthday!

J - Jucel Mae. I last saw her when we graduated in elementary. Thanks to Friendster, we got connected again after more than a decade. Facebook and YM help us communicate despite the distance.

L - Lorevic Mae. We lost in touch when she transferred school in our third year in high school. I saw her through Facebook last month, added her but we haven't talked yet. I guess it's time to send her a message or write on her wall!

A - Aileen Grace. We met again while I was working in Antique and somehow we've managed to keep in touch. She's in my friendster and ANS Batch 95 Yahoo Groups.

Y - Yolanda. Lost in touch with her after elementary graduation although we managed to exchange some letter for a while. I was glad she went back to our province a few years ago and visited me. She's now in my friendster and Yahoo.

A - Annie Grace. I saw and talked to her (I think) five years ago. She's in friendster but is not active so I hadn't been in touch with her lately.

S - Sheryl Rose. Now, that's me!

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