My Adgitize Drop Tool

A friend of mine, Dave Lucas, asked me how I was able to have my first adgitize payment in such a short period of time. My other blogger friend Feron even thought I invested something in Adgitize.

I didn't invest any money on Adgitize but I quickly accumulated my earnings by blogging religiously - that is writing posts and bloghopping.

Unlike in Entrecard where you have to drop cards on sites to earn EC points, you need to visit sites in Adgitize by clicking through ads to earn publisher points. To aid me in my adgitizing, I came up with my Adgitize Click Tool - links of sites with adgitize ad slots located on the top part of the page. With this tool, I won't feel like a detective looking for that mystery ad space.

If you want to check it out, here's the link: Adgitize Click Tool.

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