My First Blog Disappeared Like Bubbles Into Thin Air

Here's the scenario: You happen to pass by a community with this slogan by the entrance "Free Lots". Now, who would pass up on that chance, right? After inquiring at the office near the gate, the man in orange uniform says they are really offering their lots for free. You can put up whatever you want on it: a bungalow, a mansion, a villa, a shopping market - it's all up to you. You won't pay a cent for it.

It's a new neighborhood and you don't know if it's worth investing your time and money so you decided to just put up a simple nipa hut. It seemed good enough and so far, it looked like things are ok.

After a while, you met a few neighbors who became constant visitors. The simple hut was no longer enough to accommodate them so you expanded into a mansion and decorated it with those decorations you've searched from all over - just to make your house more presentable and welcoming.

As time went by, your popularity grew that even people whom you don't personally know passed by your house just to see some of your stuffs. You even created a small store to sell some stuffs that your visitors might like, for souvenir perhaps?

One day, you went home and was shocked to see that your house was missing. In front of you was a vacant lot with a signboard that says "The house you were looking for is not found."

You went to the community office with the intention of speaking with the guy in the orange uniform. He's not there but there's this note addressed to you stuck at the door that says "Your house is a fake house so we took it down. You're just using it to house your mutual admiration society club!"

Still dumbfounded, you went back to your house to see if you can salvage anything but there was nothing. Not even a trace.

Your friend named Google said he had some pictures of the house - but they were only by the doors that you can't even see what's inside. You realized that posting a "Read More" sign by the door was a mistake. If only Google was able to get a picture of the whole room (and not just the doors), maybe you could somehow manage to salvage a few things.

This scenario happened to me - and my blog Bloggista Info Corner. It just vanished because Blogger said it's a spam blog. Imagine the time, effort and money I invested for that blog which at the time of it's deletion had a Page Rank of 3. I don't even have a back-up of it.

It's so frustrating!

It's so depressing!

Am I wrong for putting all my efforts into something that was free?

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