I'm Not Renewing My Adgitize Ad

A blogging friend of mine had asked me why my advertisement for At Home With Georyl at Adgitize had not been showing up lately. It's because I did not renew my advertising with their site.

I'm still a member of adgitize and I'm one of those who patiently and diligently click on sites to complete the 100 click points needed daily while doing my EC dropping. However, I'm not interested to advertise at the moment.

During the duration of my ad run, it received a total of 241,425 impressions. That's more than 8,000 views daily. Sadly, the click-through rate was barely 0.6% because I only got 1,441 visits from my ads..

With the 10 maximum ad slots allowed per blog, the competition is really tough to have your banners noticed. In addition, some blogs have their ads slot in scrollable widgets. I remember being temporarily suspended by Adgitize just because I placed the adgitize ads in scroll boxes. Another time my account was suspended was when the ads were not shown in full (because of a few changes I had made in my layout that somehow cut out about 10% of the ads). It seems Adgitize is more lenient right now when it comes to those matters because I had encountered a lot of sites doing that right now to save some sidebar space.

I'm still actively adgitizing but right now, I'm back to just being a plain publisher.

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