Now What?

Frequent readers of The Twitterer should have known by now that I started a wordpress blog in April and entitled it At Home With Georyl. It's more of an impulsive decision but at that time, I was so down because of what happened to my PR3 blog that was disabled by Blogger.

The new blog was supposed to be an "article blog" - less personal and more about facts. More of a magazine style blog. At first, I managed to do it but after a while, I'm finding it hard to come up with any post. My mind just goes blank whenever I open the Wordpress dashboard.

Then came the realization that it's just not like me to write that way. My first few posts sounded stiff and cold, creating the impression that the writer is a spinster with thick eyeglasses, dressed in a black ensemble... ahhh! Not really quite that (I hope) but I'm sure my readers can feel the lack of connection.

Fast forward to today. I already started writing in a more personal way in that blog. Whenever I start creating posts, my fingers just have a life of their own. It has become my new home.

Now what?

I've been wondering what to do with The Twitterer. The stuffs I use to write about here are already discussed in my other blog. Where will this PR3 blog go?

Looking at my tag clouds widget, I can see that most of my posts here relate to blogging. Should I focus on my blogging experience then?  Will "The Twitterer" tweet about the blogosphere and how it affects me?

What do you think?

Bye for now.

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