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noThing is Real bUt THe girl... nothing is real but me

"...validity is for you to decide, as is it your job to validate all things presented before you." --nicholas moceri

the blog is all about weaving an enchantingly beautiful alphabetical collage….splicing sentences and paragraphs.

What is real?

“It’s about nothing but its about everything” that's what they say. the blog is about specifics and yet the specifics make up the whole. It gives u a glimpse of my world and then sends u back into your own.

beaTs. expeRriments . daNcing . siNging . seX . pounDing . leaPing . hoPPing . throBBing . distanCing, baLanCing... shadows and spaces.

Always about one and the other….a weakness a strength, beauty and destitute, the erotic and the pragmatic, …leaving the power of language and image to exploit that of the surreal.

nothing is real but the girl... noThing is Real bUt me... waTcH for signs

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