remembering more about girls night out

me and denti and nikki were out clubbin' and we drank way too much... and just as we were leaving the spot these three guys come walking in. We told them that it stunk in there and not to waste their time going in. So we chatted them up for a bit and they suggested another club where we could hang out for the evening. We all drank way too much more and more. i said we should leave, so the guys took and dropped us off at nikki's and of course she invites them in.....and we all drink a bit more.Things got a little out of control and next thing i know nikki and denti are both having sex with one of the guys. Turns out i had on pantyhose that night so one thing leads to another, and there i am doggy style with my pantyhose around my knees, feeling like a porn star, two guys on me and then one cumz on my face and in my hair. Disgusting! I got pissed off and got dressed. The other dude tells me i was the best sex he ever had... fuck it lasted about 5 minutes and the guy didn't even cum. How stupid could you get? He wanted to know if i'd want to see him again.... then he saw my wedding ring and backed off. i go in the other room and the guy who gave me the facial is boning denti! He calls me over and wants me to "give her pleasure" so i said i was finished and left. Told hubby about it yesterday ***guilt*** and got forgiven. So we'd be even i told him i'd bring nikki over for a threesome. Now that's a solid marriage!

_+_+Maybe i should go baCK to posting cooking stuffs_+_+

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