Thank You 2009!!!

I wanna thank God for all the blessings I had received during the past year 2009. It has been quite a memorable year for me!

January 1 brought George and me a wonderful surprise, and that was seeing two lines in a home pregnancy test that I took. Yes, I'd learned that I'm pregnant on the first day of the year and I knew right at that moment that the year will bring a lot of changes and surprises.

Another memorable moment for me was when George and I celebrated our birthdays together for the first time. We prepared lunch/snacks and invited some of our friends over to celebrate with us. We spent the whole afternoon eating, chatting and singing with Kuya AJ, Ate Marissa, Sierrame, Juvy, Ate Sharon and Ate Bhe.

We were lucky to have long weekends early this year too because George was able to bring me to Marrakech in March. During that time, I was three months pregnant but the only noticeable changes in me were the pimples that seemed to enjoy popping out here and there on my face.

In May, we were again back in Marrakech for a business trip and after two months, this was how I looked already:

In July, George and I went back to the Philippines for our simple civil wedding held in Pampanga.

Then we enjoyed some bonding moments with Papa, Mama, Noel, Julie and Jamil at Villa Escudero...

and with my family at the Siraan Hot Spring in Anini-y, Antique

and of course, in San Jose...

Before July ended, George and I went back to Morocco together with Mama.

 I gave birth to our little angel, Georyl Marie, in September

and she has kept all of us up to our ears for the next few weeks (and months)...

except for a few sightseeing trips around Rabat.

In October, Mama went home to PI

so George and I became more busy taking care of our little angel

In December, BBG and I joined George for a business trip in Portugal and we became busy attending parties during the christmas season. I still hadn't uploaded our December pics and will be creating another post, or posts, for the December activities.

Happy new year everyone!!!

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